Linda Cloke

Your Social Media PT

Having been in business for over 25 years, Linda has seen it all. Being thrown into social media she soon embraced it and saw the success it brought to her previous business. Linda will be showing you how to engage, build relationships and give a different perspective on making social media work for you.

Paul Woodger

Your Graphic Design PT

Does your brand have an identity? Do people recognise your brand online? Not only will Paul be showing you how to be visible online but also how to create great graphics for yourself.

Ali Hollands

Your Mindset PT

Ali is your Mindset PT. If there is something you are struggling with mentally, Ali will be able to help. Within the Gym she will be giving her knowledge on setting boundaries, managing your mindset and more.

Graham Baker

Your Brand Photography PT

Your brand deserves to be seen for what it is... brilliant. Well, this is what Graham can help you do. Graham will be sharing how to take great photography, how to use photography in your marketing and so much more.

Pamela Angley


Did you know your social media helps your SEO? We want to help you hit the top ranking on Google and you will be able to do that with your SEO expert, Pamela. Pamela has a passion for seeing companies succeed, especially on Google.

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David Proud

Your Business Video PT

Meet Dave, your Business Video PT. Video has become the most popular form of marketing and has seen extraordinary results. Within the Gym David will be sharing all things video with us from editing to marketing your video to convert business.

Michelle Dowsett

Your Business Support PT

We all need organisation in our lives and there is no one as organised as Michelle. Owner of a Virtual Assistant business, Michelle will be sharing her top productivity tips, tools to keep you organised, as well as things you can do to make your life easier.

Richard Turner

Your Wellbeing PT

If you are not well, your work will suffer. It is easy to forget about your wellbeing but not in The Social Media Gym. Wellbeing expert, Richard, will be keeping you healthy - from your posture at your desk to showing happiness in your content.

Elle Cloke

Your Social Media PT

Founder of The Social Media Gym, Elle has her heart set on bringing businesses success through community support and continuous education. You don't know what you don't know. Elle will be sharing everything on social media strategy, brand messaging and content marketing.

Joe Bennett

Your Facebook Ads PT

Facebook Ads are becoming ever more important to see growth on Facebook. Although organic growth is not dead, it's important to understand avenues to grow your business. Joe will be showing you the complex world of Facebook Advertising, making it easy for you to achieve results.
Joe Bennett Clockwork Moggy

Avoid The Overwhelm And Frustration Of Trying To Do It All, And Instead, Come Into a Team That Helps You Create a Successful Online Presence.


  • Who are the PT's?

    Our Resident PT's are experts in their field and provide us with regular HIIT sessions focusing on helping you in their area of expertise.

  • Can they help outside of The Social Media Gym?

    Of course. Each PT runs their own business, please contact them if you'd like extra support.

  • Are the PT's credible?

    YES! We use the PTs for our own purposes in business and personal lives. Each PT has an array of experience in their field and the needed qualifications to advise members.

  • Will the PT's charge me?

    Everything the PT's provide in The Social Media Gym is free to members. Please bear in mind, each PT runs their own business. If you are asking for extra support in a particular area, you may be charged. Contact the PT you wish to use and they will advise you.

Get Your Social Media Looking Healthy

  • Circuit Training

    Get our on-demand courses. Learn to build a full social media strategy and get tailored strategies built to achieve your goals. Further courses and strategies are added regularly.

  • Weekly HIIT Sessions

    We have HIIT sessions twice a week from our resident PT's. We will focus on topics such as mindset, business management, SEO, graphic design, advertising, wellness and more.

  • Your Own Squad

    You don't have to do it by yourself. In January you will be given the option to join a squad. Together you will build relationships, learn from each other, be held accountable and win group challenges.

  • Regular Challenges

    Twice a year we will run an 8-week social media challenge to keep your business progressing. In between, we will run mini-challenges to keep your motivation there.

  • Gym Kit

    A library full of all the resources you need to get fit and healthy online. Guides, checklists, templates, previous HITT sessions and more.

  • & Much More

    And that's just the beginning. You'll have monthly health checks to ask questions, an exclusive Facebook group as well as a designated members area for you to meet members.