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Marketing and social media can be overwhelming for one person to handle. You want your marketing efforts to grow your bank account not empty it. We get it! Thankfully, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get business from social media, you just need the knowledge and skills to help you get results. The Social Media Gym is an online membership and community built around helping members succeed online through personal trainers, on-demands videos, resources and more.
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Pricing Options - Launching 15th November 2021

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What's Included?

  • Circuit Training

    Get on-demand courses. Learn to build a full social media strategy and get tailored strategies built to achieve your goals. Further courses and strategies are added regularly.

  • Weekly HIIT Sessions

    We have HIIT sessions twice a week from our resident PT's. We will focus on topics such as mindset, business management, SEO, graphic design, advertising, wellness and more.

  • Your Own Squad

    You don't have to do it by yourself. In January you will be given the option to join a squad. Together you will build relationships, learn from each other, be held accountable and win group challenges.

  • Regular Challenges

    Twice a year we will run an 8-week social media challenge to keep your business progressing. In between, we will run mini-challenges to keep the motivation there.

  • Gym Kit

    A library full of all the resources you need to keep your presence fit and healthy online. Guides, checklists, templates, previous HITT sessions and more.

  • & Much More

    And that's just the beginning. You'll have monthly health checks to ask questions, an exclusive Facebook group as well as a designated members area for you to meet members.

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You Can't Grow Your Business With The Wrong Information

Without the practical skills and knowledge you need to grow your online presence and advance your business, it's going to cost you...

  • Your business won't grow

  • You'll keep guessing which way is best for your business

  • You'll keep feeling like an "imposter"

  • You'll wonder if you're doing it right

  • Your online presence will remain static

  • Your content won't get the results you want

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Avoid The Overwhelm And Frustration Of Trying To Do It All, And Instead, Come Join A Team That Helps You Create A Successful Online Presence.

You've Got This!

Great Marketing Doesn't Have To Be Expensive.

You're running a business, you don't deserve to be trolling the internet for "get fit quick" schemes that don't work. The Social Media Gym has everything you need from the industry experts. You'll learn how the online world works and how to grow your business with it.


Find Out The Answers To Our Regularly Asked Questions

  • What is The Social Media Gym?

    The Social Media Gym is an online membership for you to build your skills, community & knowledge through on-demand courses, experts talks, resources and more.

  • How Much is The Social Media Gym?

    Monthly Membership is £34.83 per month | Annual Membership is £383.13 for 12 months

  • How Will The Social Media Gym Benefit Me?

    Becoming a member will help you propel your business as an owner and grow your career as an employee. Grow Your Knowledge | Grow Your Audience | Grow Your Business

  • Are the Courses CPD Accredited?

    Not yet.

  • What Do I Get For My Money?

    Here's the list: 4 On-Demand Courses (Continuously being adding to and future courses are coming soon) | 2 bite-sized training sessions a week by an industry expert, for example, bite-sized SEO training | Bulk of resources (also added too) | Regular challenges | Your own team | Members Area

  • What is a Monthly Health Check?

    On the 1st Tuesday of every month, we hold a members event to discuss our last month's performance and brainstorm what worked and what to improve on. Members are put into break out rooms to have more personal discussions so no one is missed. Towards the end of the event, there will be time to ask questions to a Social Media PT questions.

  • What are Weekly HIIT's?

    Sometimes it's too much to do an online course. The Weekly HIIT's are short videos focusing on a particular topic hosted by a Resident PT. There are 2 HIIT videos a week.

  • What is a Resident PT?

    The resident Personal Trainers (PT's) are experts in their industry. Each PT runs a business related to the topic they are teaching, for example, Pamela Angley is our SEO PT and she runs Angley Digital Media specialising in organic SEO.

  • How many videos do I get?

    Twice a week a HIIT session is uploaded | 4 on-demands courses | Quarterly live training replays | We are regularly filming new content to upload.